• Hospital Partners

    Deliver high-quality and innovative kidney care in a hospital setting through a partnership with DaVita.

  • Hospital Partners

    Deliver high-quality and innovative kidney care in a hospital setting through a partnership with DaVita.

Work with a Trusted Partner

Safety is DaVita’s top priority. As the first and longest national Joint Commission-accredited provider of inpatient kidney care and apheresis therapies, DaVita Hospital Services can help you offer hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy, slow low-efficiency daily dialysis, apheresis and discharge planning. You can also discover consultation services for safety and quality standards for your hospital procedures.

Industry-leading safety standards

Revenue growth opportunities and reduced costs

Assistance with survey readiness

Expertise in hiring and training dialysis nurses

Leverage a Record of Excellence

Through a dedication to quality care and innovation, DaVita-affiliated physicians have continuously improved clinical results for our patients.


hospital partners


annual procedures


years of expertise and infrastructure

Approach Health Care Holistically

With DaVita Hospital Services, your hospital can improve clinical quality, safety, operational efficiency and survey readiness.

Simplify Discharge Planning

Patient Pathways, DaVita’s provider-neutral discharge planning, placement and education service, focuses exclusively on end stage kidney disease (ESKD) and acute kidney injury (AKI) patients. Our services can help save your team the time and stress of coordinating dialysis placements and enhance patient care and satisfaction.

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Provide Dialysis in Skilled Nursing Facilities

DaVita Post-Acute Services offers on-site dialysis in skilled nursing facilities. This removes the challenges of transportation for dialysis patients as well as potentially reducing lengths of stay and readmissions.

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Integrated Care

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care (DaVita IKC) has provided holistic, patient-centered kidney care for more than 20 years. We currently partner with multiple national and regional health plans to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Additionally, we continue to improve our partnership options with accountable providers nationally to help improve patient outcomes. Our interdisciplinary care teams leverage our tools, resources and relationships to help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalization and stay as healthy as possible.


Proprietary predictive analytics

Patient education with a focus on access planning, transplant and modality options

7,600+ nephrologist relationships

Personalized care delivered by cross-functional teams

Care Coordination

We partner with hospitals, ACOs and other accountable providers to coordinate care for patients to help reduce hospitalizations and allow for a smoother transition to dialysis. If a hospital, health system or other provider has financial accountability for kidney disease patients, DaVita has various partnership options to help deliver the most effective care and outcomes.

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Work with a Culture-Driven Provider

DaVita Hospital Services offers world-class training and a culture-driven workplace focused on enhancing patient, physician and staff experience. DaVita believes that by caring for each other, teammates can improve health care, grow as leaders and make a real difference in the communities they serve.

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