• Support for Transplant Care Partners

    Gaylon, kidney transplant recipient, and Tamara, care partner
  • Support for Transplant Care Partners

If you care for someone seeking a kidney transplant, it is important to understand what comes along with the journey. Learn about how to help with the transplant process, how to support the recipient鈥檚 emotional wellbeing and steps to take before and after surgery.

A care partner's transplant journey
A care partner's transplant journey

It Starts with Support

Caring for someone who is pursuing a kidney transplant is rewarding, challenging and an emotional process. During this time, learn about some important ways to take care of your loved one.

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Evaluation Process & Surgery

Kidney Transplant Evaluation Process

Help your loved one by accompanying them to their evaluation process to see if they're a good candidate for a kidney transplant.


What to Expect from Surgery

Understand what your loved one will go through when it comes to the actual kidney transplant surgery, from preparation to recovery.

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Checklist: How to Help a Patient Take Care of Their New Kidney

Use this checklist to help provide support to the important person in your life who is caring for a new kidney.

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Learn to Take Care of Yourself

You do a lot for your loved one. It's time to focus on your well-being, too. Here are some ways to take care of yourself.

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Get the Transplant Smart Booklet

Transplant Smart is a multimedia kidney transplant education program for DaVita patients to help them understand more about this important treatment option. Even if you’re not a patient, you can access in-depth information about kidney transplants from the free Transplant Smart guide today.

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DaVita Transplant Smart Booklet

Understand even more about your loved one’s journey with kidney transplant, from insurance information to how to cope after surgery.